Hoang Nghia Hiep (b. 1958). After graduating from Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University in early 80’s, he furthered his education in Russia’s most prestigious art school, Stroganove. Hiep returned to Hanoi in 1991 with a Masters of Arts degree and currently lectures at the Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University.

Hiep’s latest work is a series of colorful paintings of landscape inspired by countryside villages. The morning in the northern mountains and afternoon in the highland villages, the smoke from peasant kitchens disappearing into the sunset brings out the content and peace of villages life. Possessing a style of post- impressionism, Hiep’s excellent skills are characterized by the use of strong colors are complemented by the use of thick layers of oil. The end result an unusual warm, lively and romantic space. Hiep often uses knife effectively captured with tenderness. Being a landscape painter, Hiep pays a lot of attention to sunlight which warms the atmosphere of his paintings as well as creates depth and space. Hiep is talented and creative artist who successfully depicts the aspects of nature with his own personal touch.


Born: 1958 in Hanoi

Education from Fine Art Industrial University in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Graduated from Fine Art Industrial University named Stroganove, Moscow, Russian.

Professor of Graphic- design faculty of Hanoi Art Industrial University.

Member of Hanoi Capital Fine Arts Association

Took part in annual exhibition for professors in Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University.

2001: Group exhibition “Reminiscence of Hanoi” at Gallery on Old Bailey- Hong Kong

Art works are on many private collections in Vietnam and abroad (United States, Italia, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, and Singapore).

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