Born: 1976

Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University 42 Yet Kieu - Hanoi in 2000

Lecturer in Department Painting of National Fine Art Drawing and Music College.Nguyen Trai str. Thanh Xuan Dst. Hanoi


Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition in exchange culture centre 41 Trang Tien - Hanoi

Took part in National Fine Art Exhibition for students in Hanoi Fine Art University 42 Yet Kieu str. Hanoi

Took part in Graphic paintings Exhibition for students in USA

Several exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, UK from 2005- 2010.

The dominated theme in the composition of my artworks are the human and the nature of the Northern Highland of Vietnam, especially the Old Plateau of Ha Giang – where flowers bloom four seasons during the year. The scenery, the mountain and the people show up rich and unique because of the pristine and original color. Confronting such nature he has to choose for himself an impressionism style of painting in order to try to best exploit the reality, the nature and the fanciful of it. He focuses on the simplicity in the space of the paintings, where the colors are less contrasted. From the whiteness of the plum and apricot blossoms to the bright pink of the cherry blossoms and the vivid and vague of houses behind the trees. The most important subject he wants to describe is “The Light”. “The transparence, overflowing light of this legendary place- the northern highland”.

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