Born:                    1979

2003    Graduated from Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts, Vietnam



Group Exhibition


1998, 99, 2001    Nokia Exhibition (sponsored by Nokia) in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh

1999                     Asian Exhibition, Hanoi

2000                     “Group of four” Exhibition, Hanoi

2001                     “Jeunes Regards” Exhibition organized by French Culture Centre, Hanoi

2004                     Group Exhibition “Friends” at 42 Trang Tien, Hanoi, Vietnam

2009                     “Group of Three” Exhibition at National Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

2011                     Exhibition of two artists at Viet Art Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam



Solo Exhibition


2004     Exhibition at UNDP (United Nation Development Program), Hanoi, Vietnam

2008    Installation Art Exhibition for Champaign on Environment hold by Hanoi People Committee, Vietnam





1998         Nokia Award “The World in Your Eyes”

1999         Nokia Award “Playing Ground for Creativeness”

2000         Creative Young Student Award

2001         Nokia Award “Playing Ground for well imaging people”

2001         Second Prize for Jeunes Regards Award (French Culture Centre in Vietnam)


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