Nguyen Minh Quang

Born: 1972 in Hanoi

1998: Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art Industrial University

1999: Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art University

1999: Took part in “Life” exhibition in CEAE, Hanoi

2000: Show painting in International Museum Centre, Oslo, Norway

2000: Show painting in the Farest Museum, Swedent

            Took part in National Fine Art Exhibition

2001: Group show in Contemporary Fine Art Centre

            Took part in ASEAN Fine Art Exhibition

            Took part in Vietnam - Norway Contemporary Fine Art in Hanoi

2002: Join in International Fine Art Exchange Festival in Korea

            The first solo exhibition in Hanoi Studio


The third Prize in National Fine Art exhibition 2000.

"I really like lacquer painting because beneath the calm surface you can find something in each layer like a face which hides many things beneath it . That is what excited me." Quang said.

After graduating from high school in 1990, Nguyen Minh Quang was not sure what he wanted to do next. Probably the strongest influence on his decision to become an artist was his training with one of Vietnam's best known art teachers, Pham Viet Song. Quang had studied with Song from age 8-11 and began to develop his love for painting. This love led him to enter the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1994; he graduated in 1999.

Though Quang is a shy and private young man, he speaks about his artwork with more intensity and clarity than his 31 years would indicate. He greatly admires fellow Hanoi artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem (b. 1922) because of his unique style and willingness to stand alone against the global currents of change. Quang is aware of the many influences in his life but works hard to create images which are uniquely his own.

When asked what he feels are the greatest challenges faced by Vietnamese artists today, Quang answer,

"What artists must get over is ourselves. The pressures of the commercial market are a problem, but it is even more important for an artist to overcome what he has already accomplished and all of the earlier influences and develop his own style and voice."

                                                                         C. David Thomas

                                             Executive Director

Indochina Arts Partnership. USA

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