Born : 1974, Hai Duong
2004: Graduate from The Fine Art University.

2010: Completed Master Of Graphic Fine Art.

Mai Xuan Oanh is an artist with influential and great ability in creating well organized oil paintings with realistic contemporary art. His works has recognized by Fine technique and power strokes with emotion faces and daily life of the native beauty of highland people.

He has successful in describing the completion of each personality in his research, discovery and creation seems endless with promises to introduce to art collectors a value for fine arts.



1998 to present joining in zone exhibition.

2005: The National Exhibition

2007: The National Exhibition with silk painting.

2008: The National Exhibition with oil painting.   

2009: Exhibition of Vietnamese Silk painting at France.

2010: Group Exhibition in Hanoi.

2013: Exhibition “Life, colors and purity” in Singapore.

2016: Participated at Art Auction of Operation Smile in HCM, Vietnam



2000: Prize of Vietnam Art Culture Union.

2006: Prize B, Exhibition of Zone III, Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

2009: Prize C, Exhibition of Zone III, Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

2010: Encouraging prize of the Nation Fine Art Exhibition.

2011: Participation at the Art Exhibition for Charity in HCM, Vietnam.


Joining numerous of annual art exhibition of Vietnam Fine Art University, exhibition exchanging culture of professor with Thailand, China…

Collection of paintings at Vietnam Fine Art Association and numerous of his works are collected by art collectors in Vietnam and overseas.


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