The exhibition marks a 20-year milestone for Hà Nội Studio and is intended to showcase the development of Vietnamese contemporary fine arts.

Since opening two decades ago, Hanoi Studio has contributed to developing the fine arts market, promoting domestic artworks to the world and offering a space for artists to create and exchange ideas.

Read more at http://vietnamnews.vn/life-style/418850/ha-noi-studio-marks-20-years-with-80-piece-exhibit.html#WsBULBzrkAe6P0hd.99

or view the space of gallery through this link: https://adtcreative.vn/trien-lam/

Để xem tiếng Việt xin vui lòng vào link sau: http://songmoi.vn/nghe-xem-ke-loi-tu-tinh-cua-gan-40-hoa-si-79222.html

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