Making art of zodiac animals into might seems like an easy idea. But for artists, transforming mystic yet familiar creatures into artworks has always been challenging. Those animals, as they stand for years, represent hopes and wishes of the people.

In early days of this year, Hanoi Studio would be glad to introduce a Zodiac Animals collaboration by artists Vu Dinh Tuan and Nguyen The Hung. The collection will start with the diligent mouse and end with the sumptuous, contented pig.

In the collection, 12 zodiac animals will appear under Nguyen The Hung and Vu Dinh Tuan signature styles and aesthetic. This time, Vu Dinh Tuan, instead of silk, is coming back with his wood-carving pieces. Nguyen The Hung, with his powerful and attractive mix-media materials, will breathe a mysterious and majestic layer of feeling into the Zodiac animals.

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