Born: 1970 in Hanoi

1994: Graduated from the Stage Fine Art University

1997: Graduated from Hanoi Fine Art College

1995: Participated in Student’s exhibition

1996: Participating in students’ exhibition

1997: Took part in Hanoi exhibition

1998: Group show in Hanoi

1999: The first solo exhibition in Hanoi Studio

1999: Vietnam Asean Fine Art Contemporary Group Exhibition

2000: Solo exhibition in 55 Gallery - Thailand

2001: Group show “Three young artists” in Hanoi Studio

Juror Choir Vietnam Asean Fine Art in 1999

Paintings are performed on different materials (especially in lacquer)

Have been collected by Vietnamese and foreigners.

Award: prize of Painting Department

Doan Hoang Lam is one of the most promising and talents of Hanoi -  the biggest center of art in Vietnam. Lam was born to an well known artist family in Hanoi in early 1970. After graduated from art faculty at cinema to graphy and theatre university 1993 Lam decided to continue to study at Hanoi Fine art college (Ecole des Beaux -  Arts) Through that he had more opportunity to train real artist. He could perfect his technique of oil painting, lacquer painting.  Lam early works was highly appreciate with Prize of painting department from 1996 and Juror Choir Vietnam Asia Fine Art 1999, make another stage of his creative work.

Lam was born in Hanoi and spend all of Hanoi Studio childhood and young years with Hanoi. Lam is not inhibited by complexes about is called “tradition” or “Vietnamese character” nor is he affected with that nostangia for the countryside or some faraway lyrical childhood.

Lam’s father is one of the most popular theatre director on over Vietnam and his mother was well kno0wn actress of her time. Their buys schedule from year to year made their child alone. Lam’s been with people and was a small “street child” – wonderer. Hanoi in the years after war was for ever being in his art works with faces, figures (man, child, woman, painter self-portrait) with a lot emotions of troubles, emptiness and loneness. The marks of difficult period are on them through years. Lam special likes the electric lamps with white metal hat was used for a long time in Hanoi during 70- 80 year. Lonely lamps with the pale light at every flat are like witness from far poor Hanoi. Lam does not focus on something beautiful and easy. Lam’s catching the very strong emotional moments of people’s life from very unusual sight. Lam likes to see people on moving situations. Their bodies and their motions act on Lam directly.

All Lam’s recent works were full of human character and his optimistic relation to life.

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