1978: Born in Ho Chi Minh City.

2001: Graduated from   Ho Chi Minh Fine Art University

Member of Fine Art  Association  of Ho Chi Minh City

Member of Vietnam's Ethnic Minorities


2001:  Certificate of merit at Vietnam   National Fine Art  Exhibition  for the  painting " Naptime"

Certificate of merit at Asia- Pacific Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition organized by Phillip Morris for the painting "The power of members"

Certificate of merit of section 6 Exhibition for the painting of "Silence"

2003: Award from the Vietnam Literary and Artistry Association at Section 6. Exhibition for the painting "Empty of bowls"

2004: The third prize of Young's Eyes exhibition organized by the consulate General of France and Vietnam Literary and painting "Empty Bowls" .

Consolation prize at Vietnam ethnic minority artists exhibition  organized  by the  Fine  Arts Association for the  painting " Everyone  has  his  own  dreams".

"Despite her relative youth, she was born in 1978, Katy displays a surprising emotional maturity and seriousness of intent in her work.  The subjects of Katy’s paintings are often the urban or rural poor or people in the midst of some distressing or painful moment in their lives.  Unlike many Vietnamese artists, she eschews the common tendency to portray an idyllic picture of Vietnamese life in favor of something more true to her own experience.  As she describes it: “My paintings come from the feelings generated from the life all around me; from people’s eyes, gestures and the individual emotions they express.  These instants are profound and refuse to leave me until expressed on my canvases.”

Katy’s paintings are also striking for their bold use of color and the confident flowing strokes she uses.  The child of a Cambodian father and a Vietnamese mother who met during an art class, Katy says: “My inheritance includes a love of color, a familiarity with brushes and an attraction to shapes from the time that I first became conscious of the sun and the moon.”

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